Regn og vindtrekk 220x220x85cm

Regn og vindtrekk 220x220x85cm

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Regn og vindtrekk 220x220x85cm

The protective slipcover for the spa

Protects the spa against the elements, like rain and wind.
Made from lightweight ripstop polyester, breathing, water-resistant and reduces the formation of condensation.
Features a drawstring and and comes with attached storage bag.

Usage and maintenance

  • Ensure that you create sufficient ventilation to enable the Spa Protector to breathe.
  • Don´t place the Spa Protector flat on top of the spa cover, but ensure that there is always a space between the Spa Protector and the spa cover.
  • Also create a highest point or pinnacle by using for example a ball or a bucket, to encourage water to run off the Spa Protector and to avoid it collecting in pools.
  • Regularly remove the Spa Protector from your spa cover and allow it to air.

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