Pumpe til spa bad Waterway 2,5hp 56-FRAME EXECUTIVE EURO PUMP

Waterway / Aqua flow 2speed 2,5hp pumpe kompl. med pumpehus 2"inn, 2" ut 56-FRAME EXECUTIVE EURO PUMP

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Waterway eller Aqua flow 2speed 2,5hp pumpe kompl. med pumpehus 2"inn, 2" ut

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2.5 inch = 90mm Ø, 2 inch = 75mm Ø, 1.5 inch = 62mm Ø, 1 inch = 48mm Ø.

Leverandør side

Type of product: Water pump / Jet pump
Manufacturer / model: Waterway Executive Euro
Frame: 56
Common Power reference: 2.5 HP 2 speed
Power: Motor KW low / high: 0.52 / 2.48
Motor HP low / high: 0.74 / 3.54
Wet end impellor HP: 5
Amps low / high speed: 3-3.2 / 10.9-11.4
RPM low / high: 1440 / 2830
Capacitor: 16uf / 40uf
Plumbing connections: 2 x 2 inch Waterway unions
Electrical connections: No wire with pump, you will need to use your existing wire. 2 x live, 1 x neutral and 1 x earth.
Overall outer dimensions
and widest and tallest points:
Length: 430mm
Height: 240mm
Depth: 200mm
Found on hot tubs such as:

Coleman, Santa Babara, Sundance and many more

This pump fits: Hot Spring Envoy amongst others.

Additional notes: This pump can be found in many different Hot Tubs in various forms. It has 2 inch outlets and will work in place of Waterway, Vico, Sta-Rite, GE, Emerson, A.O Smith, ITTor Aqua-flo and in most cases the unions will wind straight on. This pump is used mainly as a 2 speed booster pump but can also be used as a 2 speed filter pump if needed. As long as there is room this will work in place of most other pumps with the same ratings. This pump is also the closest possible match to the Aqua-flo XP2e with 2" intake.

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