LX WP250-II Pump dual speed 2.5HP

Whirlpool LX WP250-II Pump dual speed 2.5HP

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Whirlpool LX WP250-II Pump dual speed 2.5HP

Står originalt i enkelte modeller fra Sundance, Hotspring (Watkins), Caldera spa, Jacuzzi, Emerald spa / VikingBad, Kinesiske bad. 

Kan også erstatte pumper fra Waterway, FloMaster, Emerson, XP2. 

Passer i  de fleste bad med 2hk/2,5hk pumper montert. 

Type of product: Water pump / Jet pump, 2 speed filtration pump.
Manufacturer / model: LX - WP250-II
Frame: 56
Common Power reference: 2.5 HP
Power: Volts: 230
Hz: 50
Motor KW: 0.4 (low) 1.85 (high)
Motor HP: 0.54 (low) 2.48 (high)
Wet end impellor HP: 4
Amps: 2.8 (low) 8.6 (high)
RPM: 1450 (low) 2900 (high)
Capacitor: 40uF / 450V (dual speed)
Plumbing connections: 2 inch (outside diameter of male threaded wet end connection is 78mm approx) Interchangeable with other brands.
Electrical connections: Comes with plain 4 core cable attached. 2 x Phase, 1 x Common Neutral + Earth.
Overall outer dimensions and widest and tallest points: Length: 435mm
Height: 235mm
Depth: 200mm
Found on hot tubs such as: Chinese Spas, Coasts (not to be confused with the American brand "Coast Spas") known to be found on some Jacuzzi models and more.

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