Gecko IN.Touch 2 WiFi Interface Module

Gecko IN.Touch 2 WiFi Interface Module

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Gecko IN.Touch 2 WiFi Interface Module

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Type of Product: WiFi Interface In.Touch
Manufacturer: Gecko
Box Quantity: 12
Compatible With: IN.XM2, IN.XE and IN.Y Series (software 85 rev 4.00 and up)
Basic Info:

Control the hot tub from another device. The module connects to your home Wi-Fi network to provide remote control of your spa.

Applications: in.touch world (internet connection required) and in.touch home (remote control from home Wi-Fi network only)

Compatible devices are iPod Touch (3rd generation and later), iPhone (3GS and later), iPad (requires IOS 5.0 and higher). Compatible with Android 2.2 and higher (compatible Google Play). Download the app to your device such as Android®, iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad® and away you go.


Length: 70mm

Height: 70mm

Additional Notes:
  • Intuitive Layout
  • Water Care setting to save energy
  • Preset experiences for ultimate relaxation
  • Additional ports allow you to control up to 4 pumps individually with the IN.K110

Router compatibility: should not filter broadcast messages and should not use WEP encryption.

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