AeWare IN.XM2 Control Box

AeWare IN.XM2 Control Box

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AeWare IN.XM2 Control Box

Type of Product: Electronic control pack
Manufacturer: AeWare
Power: Volts: 230vac Hz: 50
Specifications: Pump 1: Single or dual speed pump + circulation pump if required. Pump 2: Single or dual speed Pump 3: Single Speed Air Blower: x 1 (optional) Heater: Separate item IN.THERM Ozone: x 1 Light: x1 or fibre optic Radio, TV/AV: Point available
Compatible With: Topsides, IN.K400, IN.K600, IN.K100 and IN.K450
Connections: N/A remote system
Dimensions: Length: 442 mm Width: 75 mm Height: 253 mm
Additional Notes:

Supports in.Touch

We advise using this control box only for like for like replacement only.

This is a generic unlicensed control box. This unit must be fitted by a competent individual or tradesman. Incorrect installation could invalidate the warranty.

The in.xm and in.xm2 control systems are no longer manufactured by Gecko. As a replacement, please feel free to switch to the Y series, or to contact us.

The Gecko in.xm2 is a flexible and reliable system, packaged in a sealed and fully waterproof box. In can be mounted on a wall instead of a horizontal surface, if required.

Gecko's in.xm2 is the successor of the in.xm. It includes all its technical specifications, and adds a connector for the in.touch and in.touch 2 WiFi controllers.

Most of the configuration happens automatically: the in.xm1 system automatically detects the types of equipment to which it is connected. The other settings can be easily configured using the screen and controls on the outside of the control box itself.

The in.xm2 can control the following components:

  • in.therm heater
  • circulation pump
  • Two 2-speed pumps
  • An additional 1-speed massage pump
  • A blower
  • An ozonator
  • Two keypads (the main panel and the auxiliary panel)
  • Underwater lighting (including LED and fiber optic systems)

The in.xm2 also has 6 outputs: a light connector, an accessory connector ( in.terface, in.touch2,in. SpaWatch, in.stick, etc.), a connector for IR receiver, two in.keys main and aux. keypad connectors, and an in.therm output connector.

Tubs Parts recommends the in.xm2 as a replacement for spas that are already using this box. If you are looking for a system to build a new spa or to refurbish an old one, we recommend the Gecko and systems, as the Y series will gradually replace the X series, which is about to be discontinued.

Dimensions (photos 3 and 4)
Box width: 451 mm
Height: 253 mm
Depth: 101 mm

Compatible with the following keypads
Main: in.k450, in.k500, in.k600 (both versions), in.k800, in.k1000, in.k1001, in.touch, in.touch2, in.k300 (with appropriate software revision)
Auxiliary: in.k100, in.k120

Part numbers
Gecko: 0601-221105 (replaces 0601-221028 and 0601-221048)

Other part numbers
You will also find the in.xm2 control system and its predecessor, the in.xm, with other part numbers, depending in some cases on the spa in which they were installed. Here is a list of some part numbers that we are aware of: 0601-221004 (PDC Spa), 0601-221010 (Artesian Spa), 0601-221018, 0601-221020 (Gulf Coast), 0601-221022 (Garden Leisure), 0601-221025 (Morgan Spa), 0601-221028, 0601-221030, 0601-221037 (Emerald Spa), 0601-221042 (LA Spas), 0601-221048, 0601-2210030, 0601-221104 (Morgan Spa), 3-78-7020, 9735-150.

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